Organizational Structure

There are two types of organizational structure within NPG: “constitutional” (the constitutional structure as laid down in its constitution), and “functional” (referring to the organizational structure of salaried staff and a volunteer instituted to implement programmes and policies, and carry out day-to-day work of NPG).

Regional Coordination Centres


Development Region Coordination Centre Contact Person and Number
Eastern Nari Bikas Sang Bargachhi-3, Biratnagar, Morang Durga Niraula
Tel: 021-526721, 532653, 522281
Central Ecological Services Centre (ECOSCENTRE) 
PO Box: 04, Kshetrapur
Narayangarh, Chitwan
Basanta Rana Bhat, Executive Dir.
Tel/Fax: 056-524574/528805, 9855055540
Western Nucleus for Empowerment through Skill Transfer (NEST)
PO Box: 24
Newroad, Pokhara
Gopal KhadkaKhadkagopal05@gmail.comTel: 061-528036,520492, 9856024288
Mid Western and Far Western Upekchit Utpidit Utthan Bikas Kendra, Banke Krishna B.K.Tel: 9848028325