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Organizational narrative progress report
  • 2010/11
  • 2009/10
  • 2008/09
Study report
  • Permaculture good practices, Kaski
  • Status of organic agriculture market in Nepal with special reference to Pokhara and its vicinity
  • Baseline survey of post harvest management in Kaski
  • Ecological disorder survey
  • Need assessment on Permaculture course
Training report
  • Permaculture design course
  • Sustainable agriculture course
  • Organic agriculture course
  • Basic Permaculture course
  • Upland farming
  • Gender and agriculture course
Monitoring, follow up and evaluation report
  • Promotion of Organic Production and Marketing Systems (PROMS II and III)
  • Seed for Survival (SFS)
  • Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal (PSAN)
  • Permaculture Promotion Kaski
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  • NPG strategy development and planning report
  • NPG strategy 2004-2008
  • NPG short term strategy 2004-2006
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