Target Group


Main beneficiaries

Professional individuals and development institutions are actively involving in this network who have also been benefiting from the organization. However, ultimate beneficiaries of NPG’s works are the rural poor people / farmers, marginalized groups and women. Another important beneficiaries of this project are policy level people and institutions.

Process of identification of beneficiary group

NPG analyses the working nature of the development institutions both the governmental and non-governmental, whether they are involved in promotion of SA, SD and Permaculture. It extends its dialogue with these organizations to collaborate with NPG as an umbrella organization. With  the help of these organizations as well as other like-minded organizations, it identifies the project beneficiary group through baseline survey, direct observation and interaction with various stakeholders.


Composition of target group(s) in terms of gender

NPG considers the gender equity in its’ programme, projects and works. It emphasizes on equal participation in terms of gender perspective.

Geographical coverage

As a national level network, NPG’s working areas in terms of geography are nation wide. However, it focuses in particular areas and thematic areas and influence at wider level through knowledge and impact at practical level. In the mean time, its General Members are from all over the country.