Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas

NPG field and OA 041,,Permaculture: NPG aims to disseminate the philosophy and principles of Permaculture to the individuals and organizations. NPG has organized 50th Permacultue Design Course till date and therefore has more than 975 Permaculture Graduates under its roaster.It is a promoter of Permaculture farm/ village design and has supported many such works and developed it as a learning resource center.

Organic Agriculture: NPG has been playing a lead role in forwarding the OA movement in Nepal. Under its project promoting organic production and marketing systems through policy, information and advocacy (PROMS III), NPG has been trying to manifest OA in all its activities. NPG has also been successful in developing the draft of National standard guideline on OA which was approved and published by MoAC. NPG is actively involved in the establishment of National Organic Agriculture Accreditation Body.


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Biodiversity: NPG understands the importance of biodiversity for the human society and has been working to dessiminate the global perspective of various environmental issues at different levels.NPG has been providing financial as well as technical support in LRC development and has also conducted activities such as the Biodiversity fair


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Food security: NPG focuses on Strengthening and supporting partner organization and members to develop and implement interventions which increase the food security of target communities.NPG is also greatly involved in buiding networks to promote right to food and policy advocacy at National level


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Climate change: NPG supports partner organizations and network members in enhancing their capability to understand the effects of climate change.   It has developed meaningful partnership with communities and concerned stakeholders   and works on implementing interventions on mitigation of and adaptation of climatic adversities.


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