Vision, Goal & Strategy

Organizational Vision, Goal & Strategy


The ecologically friendly and happiness of life depends on better care of the earth and nature which will only be possible through a sustainable human society. Sustainable and self- reliant human society can be achieved through Permaculture philosophy, principles and ethics. Permaculture is a door to sustainable society.


NPG aims to help eradicate poverty and develop self- reliant society in the country through the development and promotion of Permaculture and sustainable development principles and practices, by demonstrating results, sharing knowledge and influencing.


Establish an effective networking system and advocacy alliances amongst organizations and individual professionals working in the field of Permaculture and similar philosophy to achieve sustainable and self- reliant society in Nepal.


NPG coordinate individuals and organizations working in the field of Permaculture and similar philosophy. It promotes Permaculture and Sustainable Development for self-reliant society through networking with emphasis on Permaculture promotion, quality control of Permaculture training and services, research, advocacy and lobbying.

Strategic objectives

NPG will carryout all its’ activities to achieve following objectives:


  • Network individuals and organizations involved in the field of Permaculture and similar philosophy and provide a forum for sharing and utilizing their expertise and experience
  • Encourage and support research and training in the application of indigenous knowledge and ecologically and socially sound principles and practices
  • Set quality standards for the service and training related to Permaculture and ecologically sound agricultural development
  • Engage in evaluation and policy studies useful in shaping future direction of Permaculture and sustainable development movements
  • Build capacity of organization and individuals involved in the field of Permaculture and related philosophy
  • Work as a pressure group in advocating and lobbying for the sustainable and self-reliant society